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14 January 2011 @ 07:18 pm
Loving you is Suicide Video  
            WARNING: ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ

Title: Loving You is SUICIDE 
Pairing: Cordelia/Dean
Characters: Dean Winchester, Cordelia C...
 Suicide ♪ By- Rihanna
Category:   Dark, Characters Centric, Pain, Suicide, Major ANGST ...
Summary:  Dean Winchester is dating Cordelia Chase, only since he introduced her into his world, she's loosing her mind. On many night she don't sleep and allusinated ghost, demons... comming for them. At some point dean try leaving her, to save her, but can't stay away. To get away of all the madness Cordelia try killing herself....

Youtube Link : HERE !

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sendspace HD: HERE !

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Christie: {cordelia/dean} far from homeficbitch82 on January 16th, 2011 10:20 pm (UTC)
Can I just say that that was frigging perfect? I always love your videos, how you fit things together, the songs you used and I am seriously jealous of your talents with your vidding program...

But that was just a world apart from your OTHER stuff. Nice touch with the Alec scenes and the overlap of Cordy's necklace ala BTVS. And the flowers!!! Oh, they made me so sad!

This is seriously your absolute best video to date, I just thought you should know that. *nods* Fantastic!
EgSparks: Cordy-Dean-softegsparks on January 16th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you Thank you thank you SO MUCH !!! from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥♥♥.. I honestly thought that people wouldn't be interested in looking at this vid, because I tend to Vid them ALL THE TIME !! lol